Video Service

Nell McCallum has teamed with the best videographers in our industry to provide our clients with first-class video services to address client needs from the deposition to the trial stage of their cases.

Our affiliates offer the following services:

  • Videotape Depositions
  • Courtroom Playback
  • Split Screen Depositions
  • Editing (digital and analog)
  • Transcript to Video Synchronization
  • Video in any format

To request more information please contact us via email at or phone our offices.

Houston Office
718 Westcott Street
Houston, TX 77007
Phone: 713-861-0203 | 800-525-3075
Fax: 713-861-2324
Beaumont Office
2615 Calder, Suite 111
Beaumont, TX 77702
Phone: 409-838-0333 | 800-859-9249
Fax: 409-832-2844


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